What is the average settlement for a personal injury claim in New Orleans?

Every cause of a personal injury and each victim’s injury is different, making it hard to calculate an average personal injury settlement in New Orleans. Several factors influence the amount of recovery, including the types and severity of the injury, accident circumstances, each party’s percentage of fault, and future expenses arising from the personal injury. Generally, each plaintiff is eligible to receive economic and non-economic damages as a result of their injuries. Top New Orleans personal injury attorney William Barousse can help you recover the damages you deserve. 

Economic damages include all financial losses caused by the plaintiff’s injuries. The plaintiff may receive compensation for past and future lost wages, medical expenses, loss of earning ability, property damage, and all out-of-pocket costs caused by the injury. If you are unsure whether your financial losses qualify as economic damages, contact Mr. Barousse for a consultation. 

Non-economic damages compensate the plaintiff for the impact their injury has on their lives. Generally, these damages cover the plaintiff’s pain and suffering and diminished quality of life. 

The plaintiff’s quality of life is determined by examining their life before their injuries and their life afterward. When the plaintiff’s daily life is affected, their quality of life is considered diminished, and they may receive compensation for this. Non-economic damages have no formula and can be subjective, therefore having Mr. Barousse represent you can maximize the damages you deserve. 

With fifteen years of experience in personal injury, Mr. Barousse understands how important recovering damages can be to the plaintiff. Not only do they help financially, but the plaintiff feels they receive justice against the defendant when they receive fair compensation. Schedule a free case consultation with Mr. Barousse to help determine the potential damages you can recover.

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