What happens after you file a police report for a car accident in New Orleans?

After you are in a car accident in New Orleans, it is important to obtain a police report as it is the first piece of evidence needed to make a claim. The police officer who responds to the accident prepares the accident report. While filling out the report, the officer will take down the statements of all parties involved and any witnesses. Therefore, it is important to give your best account of the accident when talking to the police officer while they prepare the report. 

After the initial police report is complete, it is important to review what it says to look for possible errors. Should you find errors in the report, you have the opportunity to make amendments and correct any errors. 

Making a claim in New Orleans is different than obtaining the car accident police report. However, it is helpful to have the police report ready when making a claim as it provides the insurance adjuster with initial evidence for which party was at fault. Once the claim is filed, the adjuster uses the report to investigate the accident and decide whether they approve or deny your claim. 

The earlier you contact William Barousse, the better chance your insurance claim has of being successful. He can help you obtain the police report and make necessary amendments to present your claim in the best possible light. With Mr. Barousse’s help making a claim will result in the insurance companies taking your claim more seriously. 

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