How do I make sure that I’m fully compensated by for injuries?

When looking at compensation for your injuries, often your insurance claim will be contested by your insurance company or the defendant’s insurance company. Initially, the insurance companies will offer you a settlement significantly lower than the worth of your injuries. Contact top New Orleans personal injury attorney William Barousse for advice and guidance during the negotiation process with insurance companies. 

Should the case fail to settle early, you will proceed to litigation when the attorneys for the insurance companies attempt to resolve the lawsuit for as little as possible. Having an experienced attorney represent you can help ensure you don’t take an offer worth less than your injuries. It is important to have an attorney on your side during the litigation process as the opposing attorneys will take the negotiations more seriously. When the defendant makes an offer, Mr. Barousse is required to bring the offer to you for final approval or denial. 

Injury Compensation from Trial

A trial, mediation, or arbitration is used when the sides fail to reach an agreement. Should your case reach this stage, the amount of compensation received for your injuries is out of your hands. Having top litigation attorney Mr. Barousse represent you will maximize the amount of damages you receive through a trial, mediation, or arbitration.  

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