Can you settle a car accident without a lawyer in New Orleans?

You may settle a lawsuit for your car accident on your own, but an experienced New Orleans attorney has the skills necessary to maximize your recovery. With fifteen years of experience representing car accident victims, William Barousse can help you recover the money you deserve. In New Orleans you have one year to bring a lawsuit for injuries suffered in a car accident or you cannot recover damages for your injuries. An attorney is aware of this deadline and can ensure your case is filed on time so you are compensated for your injuries. 

An attorney’s importance goes beyond understanding the law and ensuring the lawsuit follows the correct legal procedures. When dealing with other attorneys, the courts, and insurance companies, your lawsuit will receive more attention with an attorney representing you. Opposing attorneys and insurance companies are more likely to negotiate a settlement when dealing with an attorney. 

Mr. Barousse’s experience negotiating settlements and dealing with insurance companies can help you obtain a fair recovery for your injuries. His representation will ensure other attorneys and insurance companies do not take advantage of you and that your case is taken seriously by them. Contact Mr. Barousse today to discuss representation for your lawsuit. 

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